Dec 20, 2007

Any companies for me to intern in?

It's almost 3rd January 08 and I have yet to find a company for my internship.

The person in charge at Axis Films is on leave until after(?) New Year's. Currently, I'm awaiting the very important phone call from my lecturer about Red Communication's reply. Second choice: Vision New Media @ Sec 14.

Yeah, I've thought of Nuffnang.
Yeah, that would fix everything.
Yeah, it's in KL.

But is that what I really want to do?
I have no idea what I want to do.

I hope it's not just a sudden whim of mine to want to check out Nuffnang just cause it involves blogs and Internet Marketing.

God damn it. I should've just took Vet Science!

I feel so miserable that I'm eating to suppress all that anxiety that's building in my heart. And stomach. Or somewhere in between.

I guess I'll just wallow in my Veronica Mars until someone kicks my ass.

In the meantime, could you suggest some decent companies related to Film Production that don't abuse their interns and is preferably located in the PJ area?

Thanks a bunch.

Now, I'll wallow.


-Littlenicky- said...

nicoleyong limited will absorb you both :)

Geek @ Kedai.TV said...

I can..but in JB.
NN is also in Penang eh...
ask tim directly ah

cheahwey said...

sau pei la...

My god, my laptop quite dirty ah.

It is you, right?

Yeah la, but I want to exhaust my options first.

Thanks for offering! :)