Nov 17, 2007

You're so vain

What does it say about my brother when he has lots of female friends?

Is it just a cover for him being a closet playboy?
Like a wolf wearing sheep clothing to mix into the female population.

He doesn't act feminine or anything.
I wouldn't know whether he's charming or not because he's never been charming to me.
I wouldn't say he has killer looks either, but he got his nose from my dad which I think is a really nice nose.

ShuXian once said, "Your brother's quite cute wert..." when I reacted to her comment about the brother's looks.
I swear, I almost died.

Then I decided to ask him:

Sean: "Cause I got sisters lo."

Hwey: *palmface*

Hwey: "Other boys got sisters, no brothers.. didn't make them hang out with girls more also"

Sean: "Ok i think u're trying to tell me i'm handsome and attractive."

Hwey: "I just vomited in my mouth."

I think I write nice birthday text messages.

I make it a point not to use forwarded messages because they're insincere and they don't represent who I am. But mostly, it's cause they're insincere.

So I was thinking today, maybe I should market this talent of mine.

It's doable. But whether there's a market, I don't know yet.

For example, a birthday message to my friend.

Odd hour to wish you, yes. BUT.

If "odd" were "different",
and "different" is "special",
then you're STHUPER DUPER ODD,
little Mr. Tofu Man.

You're so special, even HuiHan didn't get a birthday wish like this.

Even though our interaction now
is almost next to nothing (unlike you, I have no life),
you're still the first person that comes to mind
when I'm asked, "Who's the Tallest Guy you know?"
No, not Yao Ming.

I've never seen that dude in person before. Tee hee.

So what do you think? Can pass for commercial purposes ah?

Somehow the message doesn't seem as good anymore.


Gzhang said...

Wah...I wonder if I fall under the same category as your bro....

Hwey said...

Well, you did call yourself a romantic once. Maybe that's your secret weapon.

sean said...

maybe im a good listener :)

cheahwey said...

Yeah, pick out the points and turn them into compliments. M4D 5ki11z!!