Nov 29, 2007

You call for Maybank again... I KEEL YOU

I swear, one more person asking, "Hello, Maybank?" again, I'm going to slam the phone straight!

I just picked up a call asking for Maybank once again. So many years already still like that. WHY?!

I went and check Maybank's number... It doesn't even start with the same freakin' number for fcuk's sake.
Why on God's green earth do I still get people calling for Maybank??

My cousin's plane should've landed by now.
So SCARY! Feels so awkward lah. What do you say to your cousin who you've never seen for 6 years??
I'm not exactly the most sociable person.

I didn't sleep the night again. Woozy.

Anybody got some sort of remedy for dry lips? My skin is peeling like crazy. I can tear off big pieces of skin when it's dry. I've up the amount of water I'm drinking and have been applying my melted lip balm often. So how?

I'm watching Veronica Mars! It's quite the story...
Someone gets murdered, this one gets framed, break up and reconcile, hook up with this guy lah, murderous professors lah, so sensational.


Supergirlfriend said...

Hey..reminds me abt my old house phone no! I would be getting calls asking for Hotel Equatorial every day!! It's like I can be their receptionist already...So I can understand how u feel.. :p

cheahwey said...

Suddenly, this feels like Heroes.
I have a superpower and then I find someone else who has one too!

What's even funnier... You're SUPERgirlfriend.


-Littlenicky- said...

lol. try applying few layers of BUTTER on your lips before you go to bed.

Maybe try petroleum jelly instead of lipbalm..

Peel off whatever dry skin then only apply.. cuz dead skin is hinders new skin or the healthier skin to absorb moisture n blah blah blah...

can try aloe vera also. just cut one stick (whtever u call it) then rub gently on ur lips and the skin surrounding..


-Littlenicky- said...

edit. dead skin hinders

hwey said...

Why butter? Its so ewww.

-Littlenicky- said...

butter oily enough kua dunno. i read from magazine they say use butter ma... i nvr try b4 lah. haha but i told edwin he tried hhaa..

hwey said...

did he say how it turned out?

-Littlenicky- said...

erm nope. cuz he applied then smoked.

so basically the butter's evaborated i think haha