Nov 25, 2007

This is how I blog when I don't get sleep

From wikipedia

Colbie Caillat. Like a dark blonde version of Michelle Branch. With a hint of Joss Stone's voice. Except less stronger.

Bubbly is her biggest hit. Great simple song. Love it.

Guitar chords also simple. Good. Easy to play.

Short sentences. Not enough sleep. Actually. No sleep at all.
Been doing assignment. And multitasking (see previous post). Work progress, slow. But almost done. Very tempted to get Deng to finish up. But she's still sleeping.

Submitted industry training choices to lecturer.
First choice. Axis Films. Second choice. Nuffnang.
If I get Axis Films, I'll train for 2 months. After that, I'll apply for internship at Nuffnang for 2 months on my own.
But this brings another question. Do I want to do Advertising or Film?

Help. Need sleep. Shoulders hurt like a bitch.

Colbie's music helping. But not getting job done.

Random thought. I think KL roads are closed today.

Got the link from Innit.

See Nicole, Choobs, Gisele and Ryan Elfanized.


-Littlenicky- said...

OMG i cant believe u DID THAT... *jawdrop*

hwey said...

I din do nuthin'. Wha you talkin' about?

Cute wert... HAhaahahah.

-Littlenicky- said...

choobs looks kick ass funny!! haha