Nov 28, 2007

This fire has been reignited

My love for The Veronicas is here again! That lull is now over.

I'm convinced, the song, Revenge is Sweeter (than you ever were), is about Ryan Cabrera.

In Another Life is such a beautiful song. You can hear Jess sniffling almost at the end.

It actually sounds so Disney... Like, it would appear in a Pocahontas (I couldn't spell "Pocahontas" and had to Wiki it, can you believe it?) animated movie.

Which reminds me. Enchanted opens tomorrow.
Do I watch it?

Btw, it's a good show. Just make sure you get over your amazement and whatnot about how Amy Adams is so princessy (she's a great actress and singer), if you're anything like me.
I'm such a realist, it would be against my religion to watch Enchanted.


*Ynot said...

alright, sniff take 23!


no good!


cheahwey said...

'Sup, Tony.

*Ynot said...

Sup', Hwey.

ngo oi tai Enchanted T__T

hwey said...

Go watch! It's great.