Nov 24, 2007

Someone KILL ME NOW!

I am a hardworking woman who always tries to do her best in school. I excel not because I'm smart (as I claim to be) but because I am hardworking!


I don't need idiots joining in for group assignments if they're going to hand up work that should be burned and banned in the interest of Academia and its ashes thrown at the idiot.

At this moment in time, I need to be gone. At least, away from here and be someone else.


Imagine my horror, when I'm all prepared to edit a group assignment and I find that a very important introduction was reduced to a mere 320 word, badly written, uninformative essay.

I don't get furious anymore, like I used to when I find work that makes me want to ram my head in a wall. Instead, I resort to playing Hangman on Facebook; procrastinate; anything, but work.

I have my finals next week and here, I have to deal with incompetence once again.

Seriously, someone kill me now.

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