Nov 27, 2007

It's Stickmen Mania for me

My cousin bro is coming to visit!

He's probably leaving LA now. If not now, soon.
He'll be arriving on Thursday at 12pm, en route Taipei.

It's so weird. I can't seem find a trace of him on the Internet.
It's usually so easy to find someone. Oh well...

I've been drawing stick figures lately. Actually, just yesterday. More specifically, when I was studying for my exam.

It got so boring and I just HAD to procrastinate.

I posted this on the Brother's facebook.


Man, I drew so well that night.

The ones after that weren't so impressive, especially one that featured a dialogue between a couple trying to have sex. It was supposed to be dark, so writing the words out was tough.

I have to try this with a graphic tablet.

Lester kor kor... *puppy dog with glasses*

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