Nov 28, 2007

I must stay awake!

Hola. 4 hours down and 13 to go!

I haven't been sleeping because I need to set my biological clock back to normal so my Mother would stop screaming at me at 5pm in the evening when it's 4am for my body.

Am kinda woozy right now.

So what have I been doing online when speeds are, supposedly, faster at night?


I've been watching tons of The Veronicas videos and found out they had 6 unreleased songs that were actually leaked demos!! *GASPS* AND!! They released their second album about 3 weeks ago!
It's very dance pop rock, the new album.

Then I've been doing some naughty stuff. Shhhh.
Not dirty, naughty but I'll-get-sued, naughty.

And I'm gonna have to study for me exams later, so that's gonna be tough keeping awake for.

My water tastes funny. Like there's iron in it.

Oh well, I suppose I'll update later.

All those Veronicas videos makes me want to talk with an Australian accent.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, bloghop from NUFFNANG. I wanna sleep too. :p Hehe. Levae me a tag too kays. (: