Nov 4, 2007

Happy Birthday Chan Raymond

Would it be okay if I whoised you, sent a birthday card to your place, got curious, google earthed you, bookmarked it, sent some more stuff over, came to visit next year, stayed to hang out, drove your Supra, feminized your room, got you a goldfish, hung out some more, flushed your goldfish down the loo, got you a hamster, came over and played with your hamster called Mr. Tinklepants, learned to play baddy, snuck in to one of your classes, gelled your hair for practice purposes, went grocery shopping and got you to push the trolley, whooped your ass in Scrabble, tinkered with your computer, taught you Cantonese, used your stationery, buried Mr. Tinklepants, cried like La Nina after, lived like a hermit at your place, brought girls over for a sleepover, fought like a girl in an NFS: Carbon match on PS2, had my first Australian argument at your place, said my first cuss word in Australia, said it to Deng at your place, cooked my first Tom Yam Fried Rice in your kitchen, got you to buy tampons for me, criticized you for driving like a maniac, hooked you up, pranked Deng and lived to see another day, stole your pencils, stole your staplers, yelled at you because I was stressed out, poured ice cold water on you at 4am, had my graduation party at your place, bummed around for 6 months, found a high paying job and moved out?

Ps: Sigh, the moving out part was an abrupt ending to what could have been a really interesting and fulfilling life.

Happy Birthday!

Deng says "Happy Birthday" too. She's just not awake to say it right now. Tee hee.


Little Raymond said...

...... so which one have you done and have yet to do? Everything sounds pretty... fun? lol.

Thanks very much, Cheahwey! Never expected anything like this :S

Thanks Deng, for the wish (while you're asleep) :P

=) Back to sleep.

cheahwey said...

I've only whoised, google earthed you and bookmarked it. So far.