Nov 17, 2007

Deng, you bad bad girl

You have tendencies ah?

My fault not to have cautioned you about it because at the back of my mind, I knew the chances of it happening were higher than average.

You're gonna get bucket loads from a few people I think.

Just lil updates (yes I know I'm supposed to be gone for the summer but I'm procrastinating):

1. There was a bee hive in Minah's room for a while now. Finally, one day, she got stung on her feet. Mum called some people from MBPJ and voila. They brought their equipment and bing bang boom. Gao tim.


2. Nicole's PC has 3.37GB worth of RAM. I was like, "Who the hell needs so much memory?!"

3. I'm learning Tears in Heaven again.

4. I had the much talked about donuts in Malaysian blogosphere - J.CO Donuts.
The first time, in college. The next, tonight. Jason bought some for us. Wee! Thanks a bunch! Although mum and dad probably walloped most of it. Mum asked me to come to the room to get some. Turns out that "some", was half a donut.

5. My brother almost became homeless this winter. But his nice friend (she's a "she") let him stay with her somewhere. I wish he would lick a pole.


Ps. To the rest of the population, this is meant to be cryptic since I don't want to piss her off. Yet.


Jasonmumbles said...

Sorry about the lack of donuts. I had to buy 6 dozens (orders from friend) and if I ordered another 6 more (on top of the already 6), I would have to pay more and not worth.

2 dozens = RM33.40
1 dozens = RM19.10
1/2 dozens = RM11
1 donut = RM2.30

You do the math. Heh!

Anyway, next time I will bring more. Apologize to everyone in the family for me. :)

cheahwey said...

No problem.
One donut 2.30 ah.. need to save more money liao. *chuckle*

-Littlenicky- said...

WAH~~~ not my fault at all wei. Dad wants it 4gig ma..