Nov 12, 2007

Daym. It worked.

About a month back, I was on a Herbalife diet.
Not hardcore or anything. Just a big tall cup of Herbalife every morning for a week.

After that, I left it at the back of my mind. Until today.

I lifted my forearms, it felt different.

Then I looked in the mirror.

I have BICEPS!

Like, vanity muscles or something.

It's great and all. But I wanted them on my tummy or love handles, not biceps. Boo.

Now what am I going to do with all that blubber on my tummy and love handles??
No money for lipo leh.

Just take one syringe and suck all that fat out la. Gao tim.

On a non-anatomy related issue, I found out that my friend back from elementary has been in KDU all these while. I've been in that college for 2 years and I didn't bump into her. At least I don't think I did?
I didn't know her name in alphabets leh because when we were in school, we usually called the others by their chinese names. Chinese school ma.

Nicole, remember Shao Yong anot? Thin and fair. Maybe, more to pale. Teehee. Lived/lives in BU? Chinese name is zhang shao rong. Did she switch schools at some point?


cindy said...

Didn't managed to lose weight? O.o

I thought Herbalife could make you lose weight? I was expecting to see you mentioned "I've lost 5kg!" or something: then I'll rush to buy one too! :P

-Littlenicky- said...

yeah. after standard 4 she transfered skol to puay chai ma.. with tan yi lin..

both stays in BU...not sure BU what la but its near 1u that part..

cheahwey said...

Herbalife works!
No joke :)

Ah, so it's std 4.

Esther Chin said...

really? really??? Herbalife really works? I have to try it too!!!

Esther Chin said...

oh.. cheh~ i was too excited reading the 1st 2 lines and had commented before I read finish the post. =.=

anyway, i'm looking for something that would take away the baby fats off my body :(

cheahwey said...

Herbalife really helps you lose fat.

Unfortch, I forgot to weigh myself before and after starting that particular "diet". Doh!