Oct 2, 2007

Why I want to eat at Friday's

Hwey: I'll have the Mac 'N' Cheese, Chicken (Chi.kin) Parmesan (par.merh.zon) Quesadillas (keh.serh.dee.laz) and the Mocha (mow.ka) Mud Pie please.

Let's not even go there!


Ok, let's; because it's so damn irresistable.

You know what's irresistable?

Monterey Chicken.


Ok, joke.

Friday's rocks ok.
They became even more rocking when they had the 3 Course Meal!
I went there so often I would've been broke if not for my banker.

What to do? No income ma.

And then I found out they change their 3 Course Meal menus every once in a while.
I would so love a bruschetta right now.
Basil, Mozzarella and tomatoes! Wowzers.

You see, I use new words when I'm hot for food. Good food.

Would've said hor-nee, but that would be so kinky. And I don't know if I'm a kinky kinda person yet.

Let's not forget a LINK to their 3 Course Meal menu!

To get myself all hyped up about this dinner Friday's is going to buy me *ahem*, I'm going to stare at the menu and role play the ordering and eating process in my head.


I'm so excited, I'm shaking.

I think I've just got an adrenaline rush.

But even if I don't get picked, I'd want to go there sometime soon because their Devilishly Good menu is totally saying, "Come, take your pick and cum."

Funny or not?

Choices, choices...

You know what constitutes a great menu?
You know you've got a great menu when your patrons are undecided.

I can see it now.
Me sitting in my chair, frowning.
After a few Battle-of-the-Chicken or Beef? Fish or Pasta? Carnivore or Herbivore? inside my head, I finally make a choice. A very very hard choice.
But wait!
I smile.
Because I know that I'm coming back to try those that I haven't tried!

I'm serious ok.
Don't think I'm writing all these nice things about Friday's because I WANT TO BE TREATED TO A FREE DINNER.
I really love (lah.v) Friday's lah.

I'm putting off my very-important-homework for Friday's ok?!

I'll even write two slogans.

I would love to win a free dinner at Friday's because ...(in no more than 25 words)... Friday's' menu makes me so excited, I start to write stupid stuff on my blog.


I would love to win a free dinner at Friday's because ...(in no more than 25 words)... every pre-pubescent kid is eating at Friday's and I'm a pre-pubescent kid.

I'm high.

You have been served!


SEAN said...

OMG hillarious shit.

if fridays dont treat u for dinner, i wont be their customer anymore.

cheahwey said...

OK. If I don't win, I will send your comment to Friday's!

But hor, which part is funny?

Jayce said...

Me also want to go Fridays... :)

doink said...

Congratulations .. Cute your post ..


cheahwey said...

I don't think I was going for "Cute" though.

More like... "Shameless idiot pretending to be 12".

But thanks a lot :)

viper4android nougat said...

I found your post so interesting.