Oct 30, 2007

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups!!

Well, technically, my Momma paid for it but I GOT IT!


After many months of torture...

ALL 6 OF THEM (!) from Cold Storage.

Now I know who imports this baby.

If and when I find out if they have a minimum order or any other things, we can take orders!



Iced Nyior said...

ooo...I lurve reese's peanut butter cups. They're the best next to Daim chocolates

-Yeang Shin- said...

u r one crazy woman..haha

cheahwey said...

Iced Nyior:
I can't remember how Daim chocs taste like anymore..
Everytime I see it in IKEA, I go: "Daim or Cinnamon"
"Cinnamon lah!"

Yeang Shin:
I DID have a moment of insanity when I was trying to make a decision on "take all" or "take a few" cause there were only 6 left!

-Yeang Shin- said...

haha...so in the end what did u choose?

cheahwey said...

I took all 6 lor. Why not, right..