Oct 14, 2007

RE: Scared me shitless

I was cooking up some Bruschetta again yesterday night, while grating the cheese, I heard a noise outside.

First thought: Is someone outside?

So I chilled, turned on my almost-deaf ear and listened out for more sounds.


I continued grating my cheese.

Then I heard it again!

This time I took a peek outside and EGADS!

I see two effing rats running around in my yard like kids playing Ice and Water!

Rat #1 was chasing Rat #2 around the yard, squeaking like no tomorrow, rustling leaves and running into things.

I think Rat #1 was raping Rat #2.

HUGE brown rats shacking it up behind the washing machine. What more could you ask for?

Scared shitless la since I was handling food.

My past experiences with rats is:
1. Stepping on a dead rat's tail (with a layer of newspaper between) so my dad could wrap the body.
2. Sitting on a chair in my living room watching TV and out of the blue a rat jumps in through the window and ran behind the TV. I was about 2 effing feet away from it.
3. Seeing a skeleton of a rat (presumably eaten by his peers) with 2inch long incisors, caught in a trap.

I cannot be scared like that anymore. I do not exercise, I have a heart that does not have the ability to go up to 140 bpm!

Back to happy rats.

Their activity lasted pretty long. At least 45 minutes to 1 hour.
I heard one more squeaky sound and took a peek out the window and I saw Rat #1 trotting away.

While they were banging each other, I couldn't help but wonder how am I going to get rid of those rats because I was preparing my Bruschetta for goodness sake!

I can't help thinking that they were about a foot away from where I was standing and they would smell the cheese, bread and whatever with their super sensitive noses and jump me, by jumping in through the window. Again! They're really good jumpers.


I had more cheese, bigger bread slices and more basil leaves this time.

Dinner at Pizzeria Italia Bella or Bella Italia. I forgot the sequence.



Loved their Lemon Tea.


deng said...

Eew! Eew! Eew! Eew! Eew!

What are we going to do??!!!

There'll be baby rats all over the place in no time!

Little Raymond said...

:S Scary..

hwey said...

yes. scary.

sean said...

well..u wont be living there anymore now would u.