Oct 28, 2007

The Prepubescent Adult

What if THAT were my concept?

I don't even know remember why I decided on Convicted Freedom.

But Prepubescent Adult sounds a bit off. How about Prepubescent Kid?

Then my content will be 18+.

I've always liked oxymorons. In fact, I used the word long before I knew of the definition.
*Oxymoron = words put together, that contradict each other (Eg. organized confusion)

And I act like a kid. Sometimes.
Well actually, I've always acted like a kid when we go grocery shopping. I have no idea why.

But, if I were to change my whole concept, there'll be lots to change.
Mostly my listings and keywords.

Plus, I've got to stop being so fickle minded.

It will end my career as I know it.

And it's your cue to say: "What career?"

Which do you guys prefer, Prepubescent Adult or Prepubescent Kid?


melvin,foong said...

Prepubescent kid =)

cheahwey said...

Thanks Melvin for your input.

Prepubescent kid - 1
Prepubescent adult - 0