Oct 22, 2007

Peer pressure ah!

These are the profile pics of some of my friends in Facebook:

choobs facebook pic

-img was NFSW it was removed-
No comment.

It's a little embarrassing when your (when I say "your", I mean "my") picture is this:



Gzhang said...


As for your own profile,just take a new pic of yourself la

Hwey said...

I don't post pics of myself.

It's the mystery... and the self esteem issues. Teehee.

siok wah said...

then i take for u lar..haha..with a nice background..=)

Hwey said...

You understood what I said or not?

Pikachew ah Pikachew.. I need a holiday.

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

It's PinkCaChew la~!

Little Raymond said...

Why don't have my picture? Not leng chai enough lahh right? :P

psst. got my email or not?

hwey said...

Deng: I call her pikachew la!

Ray: Didn't know whether you would've approve of or not ma... Don't worry, next time I'll use your leng chai pic k?

Yes, I did. In fact, I put a "Hoi" in one of my comments in chanraymond.net.
Thought it would be pointless to say, "I've added you and I knew I really wanted to".

And now looking back at that, I don't think it was obvious enough. Ooook.

-Littlenicky- said...

come come i send u some pictures :D

siok wah said...

i am not pinkcachew ok..i am siok wah..tsk tsk

cheahwey said...

nicole: send la.

pikachew: your nickname ma!