Oct 28, 2007

Open letter to Nicole and Deng

In case I forget to chide you two yong sui flers.

You know the issue you two were discussing yesterday night?

What sexually frustrated?!

That, maybe. But I think the bigger issue is that the guy has an issue with PDA.
You guys didn't even consider that ah?


You two fucking ham sup, man. *bitch slap*

It's true they have passed the honey moon period. But her main issue is that the boyfriend acts differently when he's outside with her.

She should also understand that guys either pick up the wrong signals, pick up signals but don't act on it, or don't pick up signals at all. I think la. Don't shoot me.

If she ain't got no problem with PDA and he feels uncomfortable, she should take the lead lah.

Find out what's stopping him.

It's like teaching a pet tricks. At first, it'll be frustrating, then repeating the action would make it learn and things will get easier. It's all about patience and persistence.

It's turning the action to something familiar and comfortable.

Look at Deng. Last time she said she wasn't comfortable with PDA. LOOK AT HER NOW!

Nicole, wanna pass the girl in subject this message like it's YOUR OWN ah?


-Littlenicky- said...

what me hamsap?!?!

i ng kam muan bird say i weird ma cuz i dont touch myself lol. so i ask u both la.. so prove that im not weird!

i told her bout PDA. She say she knows ppl think its damn geli but she thinks its damn sweet.. which i dunno how sweet it can be? seeing a girl n guy touching touching in front of u.. "WTF?!?!"

so says she dowan sex. more intimate. but not sex. lol. she say he not romantic. Dunno how to make her laugh blablablablabla..

She thinks she should disappear a while... to test him in a way

and yes.. i will tell her ur point of view as of my own

cheahwey said...

Wah, she better not tell him that she was testing him man.

First, it's so lame.

Second, it's showing him that you don't trust him.

i told her bout PDA. She say she knows ppl think its damn geli but she thinks its damn sweet.. which i dunno how sweet it can be? seeing a girl n guy touching touching in front of u.. "WTF?!?!"

Anyway, I meant the PDA issue is with him. Not her. I think she misunderstood what you said?

But also have to check out if his behaviour is caused by anything else or not. Studies maybe? Issues at home? Etc.

Little Raymond said...

This topic is too heavy for me. I don't get a thing. :S What's PDA? What touch touch? :S

cheahwey said...

PDA - Public display of affection
touch touch - touch touch in a sexual way

Raymond boy, why you so innocent wan?
You make me feel bad for polluting your mind.

The story is this:

I have a gf who feels that her relationship with long time boyfriend is getting dull and she feels the difference in treatment when they are out together with other friends; he is less intimate.

So she talked to nicole about it.

Deng said...

Now I'm wondering whether Boyfriend actually wants to touch her but respecting her or he memang not turned on.

Little Raymond said...

oh okay. Thought what. Ceh. Who says I'm innocent? Just dunno your terms, that's all. wakaka.

Okay, I don't wanna be involved ;)

cheahwey said...

Ray: Wokay, I'll spare you the embarrassment. ;D

Deng: That's why she has to talk to him lor.

Gzhang said...

For a moment there, I thought you were talking about Deng pula XD

-Littlenicky- said...

haiya duno her la now..

she suddenly ask me do i think they can be together forever wor..

how am i suppose to answer her wor

PLUS, she kinda prejudge him lor... and in certain tings right, she dun seem to trust him and believe him.

and she's a lil fruz and impatient.

I think at certain point she watch too much tv drama and expecting too much lor

cheahwey said...

gzhang: Wow

nicole: You tell her that! Just gotta soften the impact first.

Can say:

"I understand you're frustrated and getting impatient.

But at the same time, maybe you have to put things in perspective.

Stop thinking about what you see on TV dramas and all that. Because I remember hwey giving me a lecture about how, what we see on tv is what the media wants us to see and may not reflect reality. In fact, we may actually be influenced by it, in return.

And what's important in a relationship is trust. You've gotta trust him first... "

And add in whatever you like la.. dunno what to say adi.

siok wah said...

i was wondering what is PDA also.i thought PDA is u know the PDA item..i thought u were talking about deng or nicole tim at first..lol