Oct 12, 2007

In a bit!

I was going to update yesterday but lil ol' hardworking me started on my DTP project (POOI!).

Then I have to a attend birthday dinner in 5 minutes and I'm tired after that Tiger.

Btw, I got the shock of me life yesterday night. Not really. I'd shatter if I saw perforated bodies of little animals.

I saw Deng's panda eyes! And EGADS they were scary. Especially when she was applying cleanser on her face.

K I gotta go now.

You have been served!


sean said...


why teing got panda eyes.

cheahwey said...

It's a "pseudo-profanity".

From Wikipedia:

"an expression based on a profanity which has been altered to reduce or remove the disagreeable or objectionable characteristics of the original expression; for example, "gosh" used instead of "God,"

cheahwey said...

And she has panda eyes because she has them.

Why are you even asking why she has them...