Oct 19, 2007

If you joined Friday's contest from Nuffnang...

... or simply want to try Friday's 3 Course Meal, a heads up.

Their Shrimp Martini sucks.

To Friday's: No offence, it's a personal preference.

I went to Friday's for dinner yesterday and re-enacted my I'm going to stare at the menu and role play the ordering and eating process in my head; except it's fo' reals this time!
* I know I might win the contest *cough* but then Momma was suggesting, so I take offer lor.

I had my Mac 'N' Cheese, Chicken Parmesan Quesadillas and the Mocha Mud Pie.

It really is SCRUMPTIOUS!


*I have a question at the bottom*


I won't give away much lah, in case some of you are getting a restraining order (until the end of this month)!
*Step back from that restaurant... Or I will call the cops!*

Back to their Shrimp Martini.

The zesty and tangy flavour is enough to make me shrivel and cry while showcasing some of my repertoire of facial expressions.
I have high tolerance for sourish stuff, mind you.

Simply, if you are having dinner with someone you hate, order this appetizer.

Readers from Petaling Street: Do the colours make this blog/post seem bimbotic?

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