Oct 28, 2007

I secretly want to suffer from a broken bone


My dad suffered a small fracture on his Ulna bone from a fall when he was taking down a banner yesterday!


One week MC. It's not that serious lah.


I told him yesterday after he'd taken the banner down that he could've asked someone smaller to take it down (he had his friends carry him so he could cut the ropes holding the banner).

Then I fell asleep the whole day and didn't know anything more.

But anyway, the most important thing is, he'll be home for A WEEK!


Given his restricted mobility, he won't do much damage.

We're going to have to stop him from moving stuff around.
Or at least, stop him from asking Minah to move stuff around.

Ordering people around can be fun, see?


-Littlenicky- said...

hahah dads are all the same.

my dad likes to move things around too.

the difference is, he'll do it himself cuz he knows we (the kids) wont help him wan


cheahwey said...

Yalar, I see him rearranging stuff then I cabut.

Little Raymond said...

Hope your dad gets well soon =)

cheahwey said...

I'll tell him, "Pa, some guy from Perth sends his regards," and leave him wondering who the heck that was.