Oct 16, 2007

I had my first taste of this very magnifico chocolate a few months back. DELECTABLE.

I fell in love with it.

And when I needed a fix, it was all I thought about.

Because I didn't have any, I slowly weaned myself off them.

Until recently, I went searching for it in online stores.


Available in Australia and US! *hint hint*

But then I belum pigi check 1U's Cocoa Trees and Ampang Grocers (very the far) yet. So chill for a sec before you do anything rash; like send me (at least) 100 packets. Please do.

I really like chocolates.


sean said...

i dont think its very expensive to get here in US. especially now that its halloween, it gets cheaper. but really.cant send u lar..it will cost too much then.

hwey said...

I dont care! Im desperate!

Not after halloween then cheaper ah?

anyhow, you help me find out how much first la... see if they have any service to prevent the chocolate from total meltdown (ice packs).

you should try it. refridgerated ah! halloween you buy some la.

-Yeang Shin- said...

yea, didnt know you like it so much, it's bloody cheap over here, like sean said...it's halloween chocolates are like dropping from the sky...haha

cheahwey said...

^ Read chat msg!