Oct 17, 2007

I'm just a regular kid. Boo hoo.

I was watching 100 Child Stars, All Grown Up the other day.
A majority of their interviews contained topics regarding, I suppose, what they do when they're not filming.

With that, pretty much all the little children's answers were the same.

I do regular stuff like regular kids do.

If you're so REGULAR, how come you keep calling the things you do REGULAR?!

Yeah yeah, it's a never ending debate on whether child stars should emphasize that they're REGULAR by constantly mentioning the word "Regular" so much so that it makes people think that they're pretending to be regular because they are setting up a difference in status because they keep saying they're "just like other regular kids".

Make sense?

McCaulay(sp?) Culkin said he was a regular kid; with regular friends; and his regular Nintendo.

Yeah well, SOME kids don't even have Nintendos.


Gzhang said...

Apa tu agloco?

hwey said...

they pay you to surf the web. but max 5 hrs.

I saw a referral link under your chat box and i didnt know if it was yours or the chatbox's.