Oct 7, 2007

I'd go nude for a Subway

Is it me or do you feel like things are moving kinda slow lately?

I felt liberated after completing the previous assignments (but now I have 2 more to go) and thought that things might start to pick up pace, but NO it didn't.

I think there's something lacking here and obviously, I don't know what it is. If I knew, I wouldn't be feeling, part anxious; part pffftt.

I've finally seen Grey's Anatomy S04E02.

It felt different. I guess it's the episode's theme. Almost everyone was different. If you haven't watched it, DO IT NOW!

And in Heroes, Mr. Muggles is/was SO CUTE, I would decorate my room with PINK FLOWERS . He was all fluffed up and ROUND.

But more on today (Saturday).

At 10am, I was told that nicole would be coming to sleep at my place.

The first thing I felt; worriment.

To Deng, it means worry.
Deng says I use words that nobody understands... which just might be true. SOME words at least.

Turns out, it wasn't too big a deal and everything was OK!

Wow.. what a fairy tale.

She stayed the whole day and we did nothing productive. We slept. The whole day.

A Saturday gone; just like that.

Then we had an outing at Picadilly at 8pm with Lesboman and Bird.

They said service was bad. I thought they were just busy which resulted in them not being able to tend to us.... It really meant that service was bad.

We opted for SUBWAY! Woot.

I've been to Subway once and that was to get something for Edwin's sister. Now I wonder why didn't I get something for myself too...

Yeah, that was the one where we were dorks; amazed and dazzled by the discovery that we could actually choose our own toppings!

Yes, it is sad that I haven't eaten a Subway sandwich before. But sad no more!

They're really good lah.

Quite embarrassing too, this visit. I didn't know this and that, but the blow came when Lesbo confused me with even more shit about making it into a set where I get a drink and cookies or chips and then suddenly I get soup too. But I didn't know whether I was supposed to get soup!

Anyway, I had a Turkey Breast and Turkey Ham 1ft long sandwich, 2 Chocolate Chip cookies, a cup of Iced Lemon Tea and 1 mushroom soup.

But all that was halved because I had to feed Deng too.

The deets on my order (OMG this is so EXCITING!! The details on your order just makes my eyes POP, out of exhilaration! I'm SO excited, I'm SHAKING! Woooo....):

Bread: Parmesan Oregano

Length: 1 foot

Deliciousness: Cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes and olives

Sauce: Thousand Island, Mustard, Ketchup, Mayo and BBQ

It was so GOOD!

Omg, kill me now.

But Lesbo said his tasted a bit funny.

Of course it'd be funny. He added everything. Except cucumbers and chilli sauce. Maybe oil and vinegar too.

Sigh... I can't stop thinking about it.

The only regret is, I forgot to take pictures of My First Subway and didn't make a scrapbook. Teehee...

You have been served!

ps. No, you may not see me nude.


Little Raymond said...

What? Nude? Come over here for a sub then, no charge for you. lol

cheahwey said...

Did you read my postscript???

Even though you wont get to see me nekkid... I'll give you one thing though.

I have a nice ass.


Deng, the very eveel genius said...

Your postscript is like, so hidden la!

hwey said...

i'll add colour next time

Little Raymond said...

What! You have a nice ass? Me too! heh

hwey said...

Hahahah... Superb comeback!

-Littlenicky- said...

my ass nicest!!! huahuahuahua *evil laugh*

cheahwey said...

Yeah, they're nice and round. Really!