Oct 13, 2007

AMAZING. I didn't burn down the kitchen!

I once proclaimed that I would never cook.
Maybe not NEVER. But if I had a choice, I'd go snorkelling instead.

What led to that was mostly because I didn't like the heat.

Notice the sentences were written in past tense? Huh huh??


But NO, I still wouldn't cook if I had a choice. Not unless I really wanted to.

But then, last Wednesday, I really wanted to.
I made BRUSCHETTA (broos.ket.ta)!



You heard me right!

I marched into the kitchen and cooked up a storm. Mini storm.

Oddly enough, it didn't taste too bad. But it's not like I could ruin this dish if I wanted to.
It's really simple.

After preparing all necessary ingredients, you have to grill the bread until golden brown.


At first, I thought, it wouldn't be able to turn brown because I brushed a layer of Italian Dressing on top of it.
But I forgot. I literally forgot about that teeny tiny fact and just kept waiting... until it turned golden brown.

Yep, the bread was super crispy. Hurt my gums just eating it.

While the bread is cookin', you prepare THE MIX! *cue orchestra*


Grated cheese (I don't recommend Mozzarella if you want a more cheesy flavour), Italian Dressing, tomatoes (diced and cored), basil leaves (chopped) and anything else you want.
I'm going for olives next.

Slap THE MIX on your bread and stuff your hand into the oven to feel toasty all over.


Then you put the BRUSCHETTA in (optional).
Make sure the heat settings are correct. The cheese didn't melt because I unknowingly set the heat to come from the bottom. DOH!



That's Batch #1.

*Dexter from his Laboratory*
*End Dexter*

Then came Batch #2... which was...


Don't read the newspaper when your oven's timer is not working like it should.

I went on a mission -- A mission to save my bread.


I finally understood why that bread knife was built like a saw.

Final touches, HAM.


I boiled the HAM so it wasn't as salty.
Add driblets of ketchup for that ASS-kicking feeling. If you love ketchup.

Or simply, pan-fry the HAM. *sizzle*

You have been served!


sleepycarrot said...

Woooo I also wanna make+makan... Wished I knew how to cook. Kehuhuhu...

cheahwey said...

I don't know how to cook too!

This one doesn't require much cooking though. You just need an oven.

If I can do this, the sleepycarrot can too! :D

Just don't fall asleep while taking the bread out of the oven.

HahAHaHaaHaHa... Couldn't resist.

sleepycarrot said...

LOL I don't think you don't know how to cook as bad as I do...

I cook Maggi Mee in the microwave also tak menjadi. +.+

But but but, I'll take your advice and try NOT to sleep hehe. Thanks.

cheahwey said...

I cook Maggi Mee in the microwave also tak menjadi.

Oh shit.

Hehe. Best of luck then.