Oct 30, 2007

All Filler No Killer

All the important things are done and now I gotta start on finals. Bah.

I've been really exhausted lately. Not getting enough sleep at all.

And then there's practical training to worry about.

I THINK I'm interested in Axis Films. They do some amazing things.

I went to SS2 yesterday and Digi was having some bigass promotion. They literally cornered the whole pasar malam area. You'd see guys with walkie talkies. It was some operation. Digi's very aggressive hor?

And when we were leaving, I saw a rep from Digi taking a picture of a guy from Maxis.
Deng ah Deng, tell them what the Yellow Man did to you!

Oh well.

Some old pictures here.

Jusco, Klang.

FRIM, Kepong

Hungry la.

I think I'm going to have some Asam Laksa.

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