Sep 29, 2007

wHoA... i FeeL sO YoUnG

I used to be such a dork.

Check this out,

OmG!! I LoVe SuShi!!

I'm a NerD aNd mY NiCkNaMe, AzAeLiA LaRieN, iS a CoMbiNaTioN oF mY eLvEn aNd HoBBiT NaMe BeCaUsE tHeY DoN't SoUnD NiCe bY ThEmSeLvEs.

This was how I used to type in my Xanga (not in posts, thank goodness).

It's been about, 2-4 years since my first Xanga. Man, I feel old.

Can I still act like a kid? Sure, I can.

It's just going to be a wee bit embarrassing acting like one when you're 20.

Pics that are overdue.

Every year, the Culinary Arts students use butter or margarine to mould sculptures and every year, I have to smell fat. Nauseous.

On the night of the 27th, I was at a mamak and saw this ad from Digi.

Click and go LARGE

An update on the house in DJ.


That's the balcony that looks cool when you picture it in your mind.

I'm going to get high on CS now.

You have been served!


cEciLLe said...

i love your wit. :)

DoP said...


I guess if I wanted to sell my soul to the Devil, I'll market my wit.

Hidden message people! Hardeeharhar.