Sep 15, 2007

What's that for?

Just a heads up.

Remember I said I registered with an advertiser not too long ago?


Well, we get to state our preferences on the amount of assignments we'd like to receive weekly and monthly ma.

This is mine.

So far, all in all, I have 9 assigments in just one month. 6 finished and 3 more lined up for tomorrow.

For whoever's sake, I think I'm going to keep commissioned posts short; just meeting its minimum requirements. Even though that's sort of unprofessional and I really can't control myself when I write, ya know.

At 2am tomorrow, teeyoong will be leaving for Manchester, England.

We (The Slut, SW and him) went out yesterday and the day before.

The day before yesterday, we went to Island Cafe and we had beer because we're still in that phase where we think beer is cool.

Yesterday, we went and visit SW because she was dizzy and puked and had a mind-numbing pain at her lower back.

We brought her Roasted Pork rice (yuck) from Sun Hin Loong.

We got there and then we chatted with SW denying teeyoong's memory's of them in secondary school.

And one thing I sympathize is teeyoong's curfew.

It's at 6pm.


The writing bug has left me to infect someone else right now.

I'll bee bach.

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Cathy C said...

We should do those kinda chatting's sorta fun..LOL..but he left edi..aihzz...another joker sad man..woi,wait for my finals over..we go chilling again..hahaa