Sep 6, 2007

Of Grey's Anatomy, Slogans and Toothpaste

How is language logic, if it's an art?

Have any of you tasted the Tesco Value Toothpaste?

If you haven't, DON'T!

I want my Fresh & White back.

I found slogans from!

ABC - "Don't just sit there. Okay, just sit there."

The Washington Post - "If you don't get it, you don't get it."

BT - *This one should be familiar* "It's good to talk" *Ruh-Roh*

*Remember this?* TechTV - "New Things. Turn Us On." *mmm...horny...*

BrainPOP - "The more you know, the more you know" *Yes, I know.*


Grey's Anatomy Season 4 clip

Watch it!

And funny, I didn't see Burke in there.

Still not back from where he went??

You have been served!


Lau Niang said...

Tesco Toothpaste?? You dare to try some more! Ha ha hah! Sure is hilarious....nice blog you got there.

Gzhang said...

Burke's off the show...

Remember the whole hubbub about him calling another guy gay?

Well, he's kicked out of the show because of that ,I think.

cheahwey said...

bibik: I was like... Mmm... tastes like unminted toothpaste. It's toothpaste RAW!

GZ: oh yeah he is. Great. Fresh start. I'm so excited! They're residents now! WeeEeee!