Sep 22, 2007

Lost: Wedding Band Reward: Deng

My dad proposed to mum with a wedding band made from a nut.

No, not legume, nut. Hardware, nut.

He took I-don't-know-how-long to mould that nut into a ring.

And guess what happened?

Deng lost the ring when she was being a girly girl wearing it.

Yes, we wear each other's rings. Scratch that, Deng wears my mum's rings.

My dad was like, "Huh?! You lost the ring?!" He didn't yell though... because he just doesn't.

And Deng was all, "Shit la..."

Yeah, you beat yourself up over it. Because you deserve it!

They sell wedding bands everywhere nowadays.

I think my dad might as well get a new one.

Renew their vows or something, ya know?


Deng, the very eveel genius said...

They should renew their vows.

We should ask them to when the house is completed.

Wahahah.. Then got wedding to plan! Means got wedding dinner. Get to dress up. Get to organise event! =D

cheahwey said...

you freak.