Sep 18, 2007


The sighness of it all.

NOTHING to write... except the other day, a Chris from True Fitness called and indirectly told me I was fat.

But no, it wasn't like that. I dramatized it.

According to my BMI and whatever computer calculations Chris did, I'm underweight but I'm full of fat.

I need to build muscle. Maybe I should give Herbalife a try.

This morning (technically it's yesterday morning but whatever), I had salad for breakfast.

An hour later, I was HUNGRY.

But I did a good and a bad thing by giving myself a good lunch... ALTHOUGH.

Breakfast was kinda bad too.

Cucumbers and Lettuce
Too much fluid.

Cheesy Meltz & Danish croissant bun with cream cheese
Too much calories and fat.

Ham-balls & Siew Mai (with lard stuffed inside)

I was told by a machine during JeatYieng's business launch party that the amount of water in my body was a little above average.

So breakfast was Wrong.

Lunch totally killed me there. Wrong.

Supper was even worse. Lard! I spat out as much as I could. Like... once. Wrong.

Gone case.

And hey guess what, I've just got my very own Facebook.

Yes, I did it with a vat full of embarrassment and much self-restraint from killing myself for joining the zounds of prepubescent teenagers in their quest to be like others; a never-ending cycle of seeking approval and acceptance amongst their pimply counterparts.

But screw all that. I was just interested in the activities they have there.

Apparently, they have poker and scrabble.

If it's boring, I'll delete it in a jiffy.

I totally see me all busy and shit in the coming few weeks with assignments due and mid-terms looming onto my frontyard.

You have been served!

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