Sep 9, 2007

I was a naughty girl yesterday night

If caught and convicted, I could be charged for trespassing.

I wonder what's the penalty for that...

Nicole texted, "Yo lovely bitch.. Wanna go out dinner =D."

Hwey replied, "Now only ask.. Dinner cooked already la."

Nicole replied, "Haha never mind la we go drink night tea?"

Nicole texted, "Eh jom later go reservoir? Haha.."

10.30-ish pm
We're up at the reservoir (up in D.Utama).

The view was nice. But the place was creepy!

First, we parked outside. Then we climbed up the stairs and got in through an opening in the fence.

After that, we walked counter clockwise, around to the other side of the reservoir (because the main ladder was locked), climbed up the back ladder and there we were, standing at the skirt of the creepy-omg-I-would-so-drown-in-this-thing-reservoir.

From there, we walked back to the place where the main ladder would've taken us and walked up tiny steps onto the peak of the creepy-omg-I-would-so-drown-in-this-thing-reservoir.

That place is so spooked out.

Except... it was cold up there. And they have patrol cars patrolling and we gotta keep the volume down and make sure NOT TO FALL.

And yeah, once you get up, you might not want to come down.

Because you'd be picturing yourself tripping and tumbling down into oblivian and breaking 52 bones in your legs and having the doctor break the only bone that didn't break in your leg to set the others and having pins in your leg and to sit in a wheelchair for 6 months.

You probably can't see shit but here it is anyway.



Nicole's fringe after her haircut.
Two words. Super short.

Once you're up there, remember to look inside the reservoir.


Me baby nephew. 4 months old now.

He looks a bit on the weird side right now... But if you keep looking, I think he'll grow on you.

You have been served!


Deng, the very eveel genius said...

BABY RYAN!!!!!!1

SooOOoOoooooo CUTE!!!!

Aunty loves you!!!!


Cathy C said...

Aunty's BFF thinks that you're cute too...