Sep 21, 2007

I'm not fat. For now.

I've finally figured why I was going on and on about how fat I was...

I'm PMS-ing.

Explains a lot, doesn't it?

The cravings, that irritating little acne RIGHT THERE and the I'm-on-fire! feeling. No. No moodswings. Yet.

While, my ovaries are releasing hormones that will do no good to my reputation, I shall take this opportunity to say, " *gasps* I saw this cute little pink purse and am TOTALLY in love with it!"

No, that's not true. I totally made that up. Seriously.

But I miss Cheeto and Chunky. The cutest of the littlest of furballs.

I just want to *smoosh* my face in his.

You can see some Chunky action in the background. Le sigh.

I can't believe how often Cheeto gnaws on the bars...


But as far as volume goes, Chunky's the HAM; only gnawing really loudly once in a few months.

You have been served!

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