Sep 3, 2007

I have made a discovery!


I think I may have realized one factor that makes one couple's public display of affection (PDA) more disgusting than another's.

Couple A are talking in a hushed voice and have their hands all over each other.

Couple B are talking to others and have their hands all over each other.


The observant ones have found it. The KEY to solving this phenomenon! EUREKA!!

Couples who do PDA, and interact with people around them, is deemed to be less disgusting than couples who do PDA, but keep within their two-man circle.

Correct or not?

For those who have the same bunch of friends that I have, compare Beng (Deng + Bernard) and Pei Weng (Pei Chuen + Sae Weng).

Who more disgusting?

I think we have a unanimous decision here.

When Couple A do what they do best, our (third party) attention is brought to what they are doing.
Eg. Necking and all that bodily contact.

When Couple B does PDA and they ALSO interact with the people around them, it somehow reduces the concentration/degree of disgust.

Maybe the talking and laughing puts your attention somewhere else?

Right. What else do you need in a report?

I'll skip literature review, methodology and abstract.

Ok, I'm done.

Till another realization.

Got another one.

Acts that disgust people ARE subjective. So how is this discovery going to set some form of a benchmark?

Right. I don't know what I'm talking about.

You have been served!


Little Raymond said...

I beg to differ. I still think that Couple A is less disgusting than of Couple B. I wouldn't want to see my friends necking each other while talking to me(?), if that makes

cheahwey said...

Ok... maybe I shouldnt have put in "necking". They must have SOME decency not to neck in front of people.

Deng, the very eveel genius said...


We talk to you people too, you know?!