Sep 28, 2007

Don't know how a Martini tastes like

I had a good time at Edwin's birthday party yesterday.

Spent quality time with friends and drinking booze.

But being the responsible person that I am, I had only one can of Heineken ($4).

I think I high-fived with Edwin at least ten times during the get-together.

And then at one point, Mr. Ben Wong dropped his pants. And again later.

Lotsa fun.

We do it again during Nicole's birthday!

You have been served!


-Littlenicky- said...


Miss yong kenot drink... so everyone else cannot drink also!!!

Summor my birthday on saturday haha
whose house's available!?!?!!

if do it in my house, confirm no alcohol allowed edi...summor dad MIGHT drop by and ter-spoil the fun haha

*Ynot said...

let's 'do it' in ur house!

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

I would've suggested Siok Wah's birthday as well. But she also cannot drink.

Nicole: We drink alcohol, you drink juice la. =) *two thumbs up*

-Littlenicky- said...

birdie say go genting wor.. hehe..

WAH u all so 'ghan' wan ar? come my house 'celebrate my birthday' and u all drink alcohol i drink juice...

no way its so unfair...

all thumbs down

*Ynot said...

haha then u go with birdie only la.
we tak mau jadi batang lampu.
make sure u bring rubbers k if u're overnight-ing there. ;)

cheahwey said...

Why go Genting, so high school?!

You drink juice because alcohol has more calories in it than juice (You said you got fat again wert). Plus all the problems you get after drinking it.