Sep 25, 2007

Dear inmates and silent lurkers,


Happy Mooncake Day!

I'd also like to say, 3G rocks!

I've only begun to catch up on this 3G hype-that-happened-a-long-time-ago, a while ago.

I had a video call and tried MMS (3G) with Lesbo!

At first the MMS couldn't go through. Then I activated it with the 22333 number which cost me I-don't-know-how-much and it STILL didn't work.

Then I went and check the access points and I saw; Maxis 3G MMS, Maxis MMS and Maxis MMS 2.0.

After a while I went and check the message settings and changed the Multimedia access point from Maxis MMS to Maxis 3G MMS and VOILA!

But wasted $$ for that activation thing. Stupid.


You have been served!

ps. First time I used "bye" as an ending. Tee hee.

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