Sep 8, 2007

Balance is key

I just signed up with an advertiser (I should've been with them 4-6 months ago.. But the fella didn't get back to me).

Right now, I'm keeping it to a maximum of 6 posts per month, from this advertiser.

I'll post often to maintain the equilibrium though.

That's all.

Remember the post about my new-found family in China?

Yeah, I asked my Mum yesterday.

She said that the son, isn't "really" my grampa's son, but he is my grampa's son.

The dude, who is about 60 years old, is really, my grampa's nephew.

The once-nephew, was the kid of my grampa's sister. My grandaunt. But she passed away and my grampa adopted his once-nephew to become his son.

That was a few decades ago.

So I'm not really sure who's story is right, but the one my Mum told me sounds like THE ONE.


Did you see the Microsoft Tech Ed ad in the newspapers recently?

Yeah, Crystal Edge is the company that's making the event happen.

If only I wasn't studying now, I would be making about, MYR 10/hour and another sum for briefings.

Extra pocket money!

I slept at 8pm (Friday) and I woke up at 4.30am (Saturday).

That's about the same time my grampa sleeps.

Omg, I'm so bored now.

You have been served!

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