Aug 15, 2007

Save Our Sumatran Rhinos


What's the Sumatran Rhino doing in Malaysia?


Okay okay. Don't play play...

Just a brief introduction on the 'Rhino Rescue' Project.

- It's the first corporate sponsored project dedicated to the Sumatran rhinos

- Honda Malaysia has pledged Rm 5 mil over 5 years for WWF-Malaysia to do their thang for the rhinos

- They want to save the rhinos by giving them a safe environment providing creating conditions... Aiya, cannot la. Must C&P the sentence only got OOMPH

The objectives of the 'Rhino Rescue' project is to provide long term, sustainable protection for the Sumatran rhino and its habitat, to create conditions that will allow it to flourish and to improve conditions for its conservation through research.

- There's an estimate of about 300 Sumatran rhinos left in zee whole world

So that's the low down on the whole situation.

What I have to say because I'm Director of Operations

- The rhino in the logo could use some ears. Or, an ear.

- Sure, let's save some rhinos.

- Good PR strategy, Honda Malaysia.

They decided to target Sumatran rhinos for their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) thing.
'A', no other corporate sponsorship on rhinos and 'B', they probably have a ($$) deal with Nuffnang to help them publicize this. And bloggers aren't getting paid for it! But I'm targetting Honda's PR team ah. Don't bombard me with shit later.
Refer to PayPerPost's concept. Or rather, think UnpaidPerPost. Get the picture?

But yeah, it's a PSA. Sure, I'll do it for zilch!

Do your bid for the Sumatran*cough*where'dyoucomefrom*cough* rhinos!

This is NOT a paid post.

You have been served!


JiNG said...

I wanna join also.. keekkeke.. can i take tat logo and put it on my web?? keke

cheahwey said...

Oh the logo's not mine... it's Honda's :)

You can go here, and get all necessary information on the project and create your own post.