Aug 8, 2007

Overheard in C.Edge

Once again, I was sitting on my toilet bowl and I thought...

What are you if the world revolved around you?

I kept thinking...

Wouldn't you be... the Sun?

Never mind me.

My thumb is sore from playing too much NFS:Carbon on the phone.


Thank goodness, mobility is still there.

^ Spot the joke. Serious.

One day in the office.

A: *laughs*

C: What?

A: My ex-colleague. He's coming for the Macao event.

C: Did you like him?

A: Nooo.

C: *grins* You can screw up his ferry...

A: No lah. I just found it funny.

C: Well, you know what you can do. *mischievous grin*

In case Cathy and Nicole didn't understand:

I'm working in an events company ma dui bu dui?

So A and C were doing preparations for an event that's going to be held in Macao and A found her ex-colleague's name in the registration list.

Being coordinators for this event, they deal with transportation, accomodation and all that shiz.

Hence the "you can screw up his ferry" bit.

You have been served!

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