Aug 18, 2007

Our *cough*reallylousy*cough* Film

This sucks.

Deng had to go overwrite the original 8 min film. So now we're left with a 5 min film.

Something I had to remove from the video description:

I can't believe this is even called Ghost In Heart; and please, spare me the insults. It wouldn't have happened if I knew it was that bad.

I give you, Ghost In Heart

You have been served!

ps. I have no idea why Brandi Carlile is autoplaying. But I'm sure it isn't bothering you :)


-Littlenicky- said...

let's check this room out ;)

hahahaaaa.... wei 3 mins of the film kena raped?? thats quite a lot huh??

And who even come out with the title Ghost in Heart?? haha

cheahwey said...

The title came from our Chinese (as in from China) director.

It's a very "obvious" title she chose.. as in Ghost in Heart, means the 4 girls are just scaring themselves + they listened to other people. Like... the ghost is in their mind.

-Littlenicky- said...

er.... okay... *lift eyebrow*

then why u all agree??? hahaha...

cut out quite a lot lah haha
wanted make it a lil like jackyl n hyde???

cheahwey said...

Sigh... script not i write ma.. And then i think deng and i have a reputation for being tough or whatever la.

Some more the director used to be in some of my group assignments... one of the inn-kom-pee-tant ones.

so i cut them some slack la.