Aug 29, 2007

One more year to go ah

It's a little weird to blog about your birthday because somehow, it seems conceited.

But never mind.


Siok Wah got us a Marble Cheese.

But it wasn't baked. It was refrigerated, so it was rubbery.

Today was fun Siok Wah!

Oh oh... This I have to mention.

This afternoon, Siok Wah came to our house to pick us up for our outing ma...

But before anything else, we had to drop the (borrowed) equipment (from the scouts) in school, so I carried the stuff and went towards the trunk.

Once her trunk opened right... Guess what I saw?


So smart la the idea. Not super surprising but it's really cool.

Use to coax girlfriends quite useful ah.

And then during tea time we cut the cake she got us.

Really lah...

What untimely hour is that to cut a cake??

I recorded something really funny but SiokWah won't let me post it up.

My journalistic instincts are coming out!!(<-Everything around you can be news)

Happy Birthday to MEEEEeEEEeE!!1!

You have been served!


Jasonmumbles said...

Happy birthday to you, and the other one too! :D

cheahwey said...

Thank you!

Cathy C said...

haha...Happy Birthday Woman!!