Aug 13, 2007

On a stick shift rush

I don't think I want to help out DURING PJ Half again.

The part where you have to wait for your friends is suffering. At least for me.

You're tired, you're trying to sleep, but you can't because you want to maintain constant vigilance because you can't really trust that even though there's lots of people on the OTHER SIDE of the area there won't be someone trying to rob you or whatever.

Sigh. Trying to battle sleep is like... like... I can't even describe it!

I went to the car to try to sleep. Left the car door open la.

I didn't know how much time passed during the time where I "rested" my eyes, but I awoke to find half a brick beside my feet.

I think I'll settle for hanging out only lah the next time I go.

During the wee hours of the morning, waiting for dispatch

We drove cars!

We drove sticks!

We drove stick shifts!


It was so much fun.

Choobs' Pajero (I think it was a Pajero) was so nice to drive...

So, I drove a total of... oh... I only drove 2 manuals that day. Damn, it seemed like more than that.

Anyway, I had a blast driving and experiencing other people drive.

The best part was when Lesbo-who-had-no-license-man drove!

We almost crashed!

Because Nicole was screaming la but then it made it even fun!

Ahh... The guys hanging on the side of the jeep and nicole screaming us to a halt... forever etched in my memory.

Does nicole look snobbish when she's not doing anything?

I think her expression when playing the violin will make her look even more snobbish.

Ey, nicole.

I think your expression when playing the violin will make you look even more snobbish.

It's back to school tomorrow.

Goodbye holidays.

I must finish my work WAY BEFORE the due date. MUST!

And I don't like my lecturer.

I deserve more than an effing 'B'.

Can someone tell me why I'm always THIS close to losing the engine everytime I start moving from Gear 1?

I accelerated a bit so when I release the clutch the car will move smoothly ma. It's not what's causing it right?

You have been served!


-Littlenicky- said...

yes i know im snobbish. haha dad's like taht too. haha... i have his genes hahaha...

anyway, next time rite, try lefting ur clutch a lil, then accelarate a bit then left up clutch to half then accelarate more then balance a bit then let go clutch

let it balance off lah

but then again. hard also lah. i dunno how high is your clutch. so yeah.

cheahwey said...

Ok i try. I think I'll do it tomorrow. Ah... what fun.

Wah... today your lover boy play drums hou hou teng ah...

Lesbo-man said...

WE DID NOT ALMOST CRASH! it just felt like that cause nicole was screaming at the top of her lungs! hahahaha

-Littlenicky- said...

lesbo: sorry lor... :(

-Littlenicky- said...

eh you went jamming??? when when?? what the hell. the toher day i wanted see him recording but dad dun lemme go out...