Aug 30, 2007

Moody birthday? Hmm.. sounds emo

I thought I would be happy today.

I thought I would at least smile the whole way, like an idiot.

But no.

Instead, I was tired and somewhat hateful.

Not surprising really.

I feel like that most of the time.

Interruption: Webcammed with the Ball-less Boy in US

Kay. Now I've forgotten what I was going to say.

I had beautifully formed sentences in my head! Damn.

Oh right.

About the mood swing and all.

Was it fate? Was it some divine power above the clouds and out of our gravitational field that made this happen? Or was it Dr. Maoshing Ni who wrote an article which got featured on the homepage of Yahoo!?

Because when I opened Yahoo!, I saw this...


That's 7 ways to be happier.

Well, after reading it...

I wasn't any happier.

No shit.

But then after all that hoo haa, setting up the AV for me parents and grandparents to talk to 21 year old "Seannie", my mood has become much better.

Ey ey, listen.

Computers TURN ME ON...

OTT liao.

You have been served!