Aug 3, 2007

Making out in the pantry

While I was seeing blurred out numbers on the monitor (result of staring at the monitor for 6 hours), GirlTemp came over to where BoyTemp was sitting and started chatting. Quite flirtacious that one.

Minutes later, they made eye contact; that a third party would interpret as, "Let's go to the back... *eyebrow nudge*..."

So, along went GirlTemp and BoyTemp to the back where the pantry and kitchen is located.

I thought, "Oooook." and then came, "Unprofessional at all... tsk tsk."

YES. Even though we're TEMPS, we should still be professional in what we do.

15 minutes later...

I thought, "Har... what are they doing back there ah? No banging or moaning noises also... means they aren't doing it lar." and then, "Jia-lat, I've been exposed to too much of Deng's Romance novels."

Another 15 minutes later...

GirlTemp comes back out.

I looked at her.

"Dang... I just missed her expression."

But anyway, she came out looking a bit pissed.

I tried looking for signs of what I imagined thought they were doing back there...

Nope. She didn't adjust her clothing.

Nope. Her hair wasn't messed up. Not one strand out of place in fact.

Nope. Her lips weren't swollen.

30 seconds later...

BoyTemp comes out like nothing happened.

Back home...

I told Deng about it and she said our supervisor was somewhat furious that GirlTemp was missing.

So this is what I think happened:

GirlTemp & BoyTemp goes missing.

Supervisor notices GirlTemp's missing.

Somehow, Supervisor found GirlTemp and BoyTemp doing god know's what at the back and gave them shit. Probably nice shit, since no hell broke loose.

GirlTemp comes back out pissy.

BoyTemp comes back out like no shit took place.


Totally explains lots of things.

You have been served!

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