Aug 9, 2007


The situation's like this.

Mother doing her thing at her table.


*look see look see*

*maggot crawling around*


A few days ago, they said there was a stench upstairs (dead rat flavour).

Today, there were maggots!

Maggots were falling from above. Literally.

If you squish them, you can see their black innards.

All's well now. The exterminators came. About 4 hours after our distress call!

I'm hired again tomorrah...

Everyone, ask Deng to give me a ride to work in the morning and pick me home in the afternoon.

You don't want me to get robbed and harrassed right? Right?

What would you name your kid when you have one?

Normal and somewhat unique names right? Like Isobelle, Bethany or something like that.

Not some out of the blue, I-can't-believe-it name right? Like... Superman or 4Real.

I pity the kid.

You have my sympathies!

Can't wait for Saturday!

You have been served!

1 comment:

Cathy C said...

maggot reminds me of choobs...lolxx