Aug 31, 2007

I'm an effing sicko!

So how did I spend my 19th birthday?

I spent 5 hours caught in a jam.


I think it was because everyone was going back to their hometowns and those from KL going back home in PJ.

We flipped several idiot drivers and got honked at a couple of times.

Someone almost came down and whacked us. Or the car.

I think some sorta accident also happened.

Busybody lah I tell you.

And then some idiot went and ram another idiot's car because the idiot cut into his lane like an idiot.

Big mess. Tut tut.

So all that was a load of bullshit.

If only I experienced a day like that, I'd be much more happier.

The part about the jam was true though.

There was a jam. But not 5 hours. It was congested for a few kilometres back.

Back to my "Birthday Adventure"... Yay.

So I say, really, really, dryly.

Well, after SiokWah's thing in the afternoon, I had a buffet dinner @ Nikko.


I thought I'd never been there before.

But lo and behold, it was right beside Citibank-with-gold-toilet-bowls, where I used to go with the Mother for one of her errands.

There was a guard dog in the parking lot.


He was all...

"Look at me..."

"All sad and lonely..."

"Won't you come and set me free??"

If you think about it, how many times is he able to come out and move around? Not much, I reckon.

And the temperature was kinda warm.

Sigh. He was a beautiful dog... Labrador/Retriever-ish.

There was this pepper grinder cum salt shaker that was fun to play with.


There was this instant desire to take the device apart and discover the simple science behind it.

But mostly.... it was fun to play with.

The food there was um... well it was fine.

It's not like I know what "good food" is.

Apparently, I can only tell which is better if there is a vast difference in taste.

There was this dinky strawberry dessert that looked really cute.


I had loads to eat that night. Sushi, TOMATO RICE, grilled veggies, properly cooked veggies, duck with Belo/Melo sauce (which tasted oddly familiar), ice cream loaded with chocolate chips; chocolate rice and almonds (incredibly, I only took one scoop), cheese (Cheddar & Bree), 4 different hams, disgusting dried apples and one dinner roll.

On the way to Mayang,



On the way home,


We stopped just behind 2 cars with almost the same number plates. Dad say buy Toto.

And the for the finale...

Some of you will love me, some will discover that deep down inside, even I didn't know it, I'm a sick idiot.

I was doodling with the Brush tool, thinking, "How am I going to make this picture better", when EUREKA (maybe not eureka)!


I scare myself sometimes.

You have been served!


Sewjin said...

nice job on the strawberry photos. happy birthday :D

cheahwey said...

Why thank you... I thought it was quite good too. Haha...