Aug 8, 2007

I am Director of Operations

In case some of you don't know, every year since I don't know when, Scouts and QMs from SMKSAS are called in to help for the PJ Half Marathon. They help in watering and sponging stations and they also help pack the goodie bags.

They stay in the stadium on Saturday night and leave for their stations at about 4.30am on Sunday.

After the last runner passes a station, they pack up and prepare for the water fight.

They will be in their lorries and it will drive past some of the stations and each group will throw stuff down toward the station on land.
Eg. Sponging station throws wet sponges at watering station on land.

*Watering stations will dump people into a big tub. Not comfortable.

So now you understand.

Once again, The Slut has left me uninformed about today's trip details to KJ Stadium for the packing of goodie bags for the PJ Half Marathon on Sunday.

She left in the morning to go hang at Bern's place and I awoke to Cathy's calls, asking me about transportation.

Like I will know.

Right or not?!

Anyway, with that all figured out we fast forward to Samad.

Stupid prefects and idiot boys playing football right in front of the den (WHERE PEOPLE COME AND GO) and the shaded walkway (WHERE PEOPLE CHILL AND WAIT FOR THEIR RIDES).

Today, they didn't hit anybody.

They can count themselves lucky.

Waited for The Slut to arrive and then we left for the stadium.

This Cathy ah, she says driving is tiring.

I tell you why lah.

She's tired because she's so stressed out about driving and directions.

Like ME! Director of Operations!

The Slut, nicole, Cathy and I were in one team.

*Packing like pros and laughing and talking like aunties*

About 2 hours into it, we accomplished this:


Because of our great organizational skills, we were even faster than the juniors. *cough*wimps*cough*

Because there were other products to be put inside which created confusion, I gave each group of bags a name.

VIRGIN = bags that don't have pasta, lozenges and granola bar
FUCKED ONCE = bags that don't have lozenges and granola bar, but have pasta
FUCKED TWICE = bags that have lozenges, granola bar and pasta

Well, really, it was like fornication.

C'mon, sticking the whole bar of pasta into the bag????

1 hour later, we had to add more stuff into the bag.

Which means, this pile:


had to have 2 more things added into it.

So one hour later, nicole said, "Almost finished!"

The moment I heard those words; I can't tell you how I felt.

Relief, happiness, euphoria even! It's tough work.

Then when I turned and looked...


Almost finished

*palm forehead*


Got big difference meh?


Do you know how heavy one bag is?

I counted the weight of almost all the things they put in there. ALMOST all ok.

Just four items and it weighed 533g.

1 bag = 533g

1 bundle had 20 bags.

20 x 533g = 10KG

10 friggin' KGs!

It's all the pasta's fault.


That one weighed 500g by itself.

When walking back towards the car, we were surrounded by screaming adolescents *cough*kids*cough*. And they were running around (and shooting each other with rubber bands).

We reached school after Cathy yelled with her very loud voice in the car after one of the juniors smashed a mosquito that was buzzing a centimetre too close to the window.


WooOoOOOI!! You better clean that off now!! This is NEW CAR I tell you!!

We reached Samad in one piece and then saw "Manly-Man" Choobs in a pink shirt.

choobs in pink2

Can see his tummy wan.

And I realized I've never posted a pic of my guitar that I bought 2-3 years ago.

Damn sad.


You have been served!


Deng, the very eveel genius said...


That pictures of Choobs looks like papparazzi shots!

And I told you EVERYTHING about the transportation shit la, dammit.

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

That picture*

cheahwey said...

So you say.