Aug 4, 2007


I would have had written a post to mark the beginning of my 24hr famine but Deng was using the computer.

Unfortunate, that is.

Another announcement:
Sean will now be known as BALL-LESS BOY and Deng as SLUTTY SECRETARY.

One thing about me calling him, BALL-LESS BOY, is just the irony of it all.

Just today, after his taekwondo class, he told me that primary school girls were practising sparring with him.
And then he said he got kicked in the balls twice; with the first kick, kicking one ball and the other kick, two balls.

I shit you not. This, coming from the boy guy who, on more than one occasion, admitted that he had NO BALLS.

I was gonna ask him, since when had he acquired balls, but didn't because I couldn't stop from envisioning a few little girls screaming, "Aiyah!!" and kicking him in zee family jewels. Yowzer...

And to jot this down as part of history, I shall share with you something funny I said to BALL-LESS BOY.

*He will be leaving for the US in 2weeks

Yesterday, I asked him to buy me a regular double cheeseburger set with unsalted fries.

It cost 7.50myr.

Today, BALL-LESS wanted his 7.50myr back and I told him:

"Let me raise a point, to argue, against paying you back. Why do you need Ringgit when you're going to the US?!"

Nicely done. If I would say so myself.

If it's not funny now, it WAS funny then.

Next morning...

I woke up at about 11.45am because me mother asked me to go to PC fair with her.

I was like... "Later hungry how?" but went anyway.

I started feeling pangs of hunger at 12.10pm.

And while typing this on my phone, it's become worse.


Alright. Think happy thoughts.

Monterey Chicken.

Monterey chikin

NO, NO, NO!!

Damned, I am.

Don't how long later...

Ah... I totally forgotten about me hunger... Because I was watching Miss Congeniality 2!

Le sigh... I love that show.

And I made my first pit-stop at 12.45pm. Got me engine going with a cup o' milk.


Just left the fair.

The fruits of our very frustrating and disgusting trip:
germs, odors, dead skin (foreign) and a receipt for BALL-LESS BOY's laptop. Oh, and 5 DVD-Rs from a redemption.

Almost came home with a mp4/mp3 player but found it non-user-friendly.

The journey home is long, with many a winding roads and traffic lights to stop for.

Right now, I'd really like a cheeseburger.

My last meal 10 over hours ago was a cheeseburger set from McD.

Then 15minutes before 12am, I had two slices of bread with cheese and condensed milk. Syok!

6 more hours....

You have been served!


-Littlenicky- said...

why is deng slutty sec??

Deng, the very eveel genius said...

nicoley: It's my slutty shoes!!!!

Hwey: You a bit farnie right.. Fasting already still talking about food.

cheahwey said...

Of course I'll talk about food.
All first timers do!
Deng, I wouldn't want you to sign my knee, because you obviously can't spell.