Aug 20, 2007

Hugh Fockorff, reporting from the set of CF-TV

*possessed by a dead but kiasu newscaster - die already still wanna possess me*

Good evening, this is Hugh Fockorff with the top news headlines of the day...

A driver was spotted driving recklessly from Sec17 to SS2 to Sec14 and finally to Sec17.
Then later in the evening, from Sec17 to Taman Mayang to Sec14 and finally, again, to Sec17.

And finally, the secret is shared between a pair of siblings.

More of these, in just a few moments.

An eyewitness informed us that The Director of Operations for Convicted Freedom was seen driving a stick from Sec17 to SS2 to Sec14 and finally to Sec17.

Then later in the evening, from Sec17 to Taman Mayang to Sec14 and finally, back home to Sec17.

"She was driving like she had to rush to some place," said the eyewitness, who did not wish to be named.

After reporters caught up with the Director for CF, she appeared slightly bemused.

"I don't know. I THINK I was driving like a lunatic; as if my brother possessed me or something because it felt like I was driving like him!"

The self-proclaimed pessimist also mentions that she felt "really happy" after driving the tiny-dented-four-wheeler.

"I was like... on a sugar rush or something. I even said to The Slut and Lesbo, "I'm happy". That's so creepy."

Whatever it is, the Director has learned to balance from her practice rounds today.

"I hope I don't screw up tomorrow when I drive to college!"


"Aaaannnd you're off!"

*checks teeth*

*checks eyebrows*

*adjusts necktie*

*sips a glass of water with a hint of lemon*

"And you're back!"

*sits up straight*

"In 10... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4... 3..."


Welcome back.

The Director of Operations for CF has finally revealed her blog URL to her 21 year old brother.

A source close to the Director has disclosed a letter written by the Director, to her brother. The letter explains, with a touch of humour, why she did not share her blog address with her brother earlier before.

The source declined to comment further claiming that that was all there was to be shared.

"That's really all I can give you. I don't need a lawsuit from the Director of CF ya' know."

So Sean, I'm finally sending this blog's link for the sake of keeping in touch and all that shiz; even though you might've sneaked a peek when I wasn't looking.

And it's much more comfortable for me to do it now than when you were still living at home because I won't have to look at you and get teased after you've read that I was talking about porn and sex on my blog :)

Your, I'm-better-than-thou, lovely and absolutely angelic, younger sister.

As of this moment, the Director could not be contacted for comment.

And that was the top news headlines for the day.

Thank you for tuning in.

I'm Hugh Fockorff, signing off.

Good night.

*dispossessed by a dead but kiasu newscaster*

You have been served!

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