Aug 9, 2007

Hello, Mr. Immadumbass?

This is the most productive holiday I've had since forever.

I've been working for 2 weeks now. And on my days off, I helped out for PJ Half.

And I'm earning a comfortable amount for the work I've done.

More than I'd expected for someone who's working for only 2 weeks.

Not bad lor hor?

Now, it's all back to college and homework. Sien.

Yesterday night, Bern and Lesboman made a prank call to TM.

Lesbo was saying how the customer service reps (CSR) had to respect your wishes and call you whatever you wanted them to call you.


Caller: Hello? I'm Superdragonflysomethingmouse, I have a problem with my connection.

TM CSR: Good evening Mr. Superdragonflysomethingmouse, how may I assist you?


the wait...

the execution...

and results!

You have been served!

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