Aug 19, 2007

He's leaving on a jetplane.

Well, he's already left actually.

You'd think the parents would've let the boy drive the Volvo for the first and last time, but NO, they didnt.

Aih... I'll miss having someone to scold.

And I won't have things to do when I'm bored.

No more watching him play dotA anymore.

Yes. Watching him play dotA is SOMETHING to do. To me.
That's how I learned to play CS leh.

But I gain much MORE!

Space! Car! Peace!

Gone! are the days where I can never find the house phone! (He keeps the phone in his room most times because he uses it often. And then when the phone rings, we can never find the phone where its supposed to be. Quite annoying really.)

You have been served!


-Littlenicky- said...


Cathy C said...

hahah..LOL....that's why..appreciate people around you before they actually leave you...

cheahwey said...

You think I won't miss him after staying together for 21 years meh...

But I miss the things I do more than him la. Haha..

No need miss until cry and all that shit wan...

Atmosphere yang sad and pitiful hanya dicipta oleh orang.. bukan semua perpisahan perlu machiam ni.

Fooyoh. Suddenly only.

-Littlenicky- said...

hahahaha i din say u gonna miss him till tears flowing down your cheeks or whatever.. ahhahahaa..... but yea perhaps when he's back, your relationship will get better??